Our commitment

Our Commitment

Notting Hill Genesis is working with the council and the Creation Trust to put the facilities, staff and tools in place in the regeneration area to support the delivery of training and employment opportunities.

Our programme includes:

Training and employment programme
Supporting local residents into training and employment opportunities across a range of sectors and levels. This includes pre and post-employment training, employment support, in-work support, job search, employer engagement, traineeships and apprenticeships, as well as access to jobs at Notting Hill Genesis and through our supply chain partners.

A personal development programme for young people aged 12 to 25, which delivers one-to-one coaching and group work support to enable young Aylesbury residents to take proactive steps towards their goals.

Events and capacity building support for Southwark-based businesses to enable them to secure a range of contracts that come out of the regeneration programme, plus commitment from Notting Hill Genesis' supply chain partners to provide training and employment opportunities to Southwark residents.

Interim use strategy
Identifying creative uses for vacant buildings and demolition sites during the regeneration programme. These spaces will be used to encourage local business and employment. We’ll provide mentoring and support to existing and new business start ups in the area to make use of these spaces as they become available.


Following two days of intensive CV and interview skills workshops, four young people were shortlisted for interviews at Devonshires Solicitors in Moorgate.

"This workshop and the opportunity you have given me will be life changing." Aylesbury Estate resident Toyosi Danmole - offered the role of General Office Clerk

"We were really impressed by the positive attitude presented by the candidates. The workshop was enjoyed by all the staff involved." Simon Protheroe – Devonshires Solicitors

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